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We offer professional vehicle remapping so you can get the most out of everyday drive!

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Tuning your vehicle is simple and does not take too long. Not only do you get performance gains, but you could also save fuel depending on the remap you get applied!

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CPR remapping modifies your engines ecu software allowing optimal engine performance while increasing fuel economy and power delivery throughout the rev range. For all our services please see our services page or contact us page for any queries

Pops & Bangs

Available for most petrol vehicles. Cat delete required.

Hard Cut Limiter

Available for most diesel vehicles.


Available for most diesel vehicles. Physical EGR blanking required.

EA189 Rollback

Return certain VAG vehicles to true FACTORY original.

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Great communication to let me know when to expect him, and he carried out the remap very professionally

Jaccy Deo

Car owner


The remap I purchased has definitely made a difference as it now feels more alert and more evenly powered.

Michael Xp



FAQ for CRP ?

Engine remapping is a bit like a software upgrade. Changes are made to your engine’s computer (or ECU) via a software file or ‘map’.
The ECU is crucial as it takes decisions about how your engine works –ignition timing, fuel and boost pressures. It’s the key to remap modifications, potentially changing the ‘personality’ of your engine.

Car manufactures have different performance tolerances for different markets and local conditions. That is why there are always some ECU ‘wiggle room’ for better performance when a vehicle leaves the factory. 
A car remap typically tweaks the fuel-to-air mix and boosting turbo pressure. You could see a 25-35% performance increase in some cases. Most diesel and petrol cars can be easily and safely remapped.

As long as the remap is done competently, remapping or chipping your car is completely safe. If your car has a poor service history then a remap heightens risk. If your car has a running or intermittent fault, then an ECU remap will not fix these issues.
Some cars are simply not built for much more power than they were originally designed with. We at CPR remapping are happy to advise you before you purchase any upgrades.

Actually they do!
Car manufacturers are under huge pressure to reduce emission levels – or face eye-watering regulatory fines. Pumping up performance figures is simply less relevant.

A few manufacturers allow their main dealers to modify their cars. Volvo and Polestar (owned by Volvo) is a good example, as well as Mercedes and Brabus.

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